Final cleaning of a cabin/cottage as a service includes the basic cleaning: vacuum-cleaning of the floors and carpets, whiping of tables, emptying of trash bins and making of the beds.

The service is available for the following cabins/cottages:

  • VB10 Seppä-Mäki, VB13 Pukkila, VB6 Leivo
  • Raili-Kaarinat: Paju, Pihlaja, Haapa ja Tuomi
  • Hirsiniemi: Orava, Saukko, Mäyrä, Jänis
  • Verlan uittotupa

Basics that has to be done the customer:

  • Furniture must in place
  • Carpets must be in place
  • Dishes must me washed 
  • All trashes must be in trash bins
  • All food and other odour emiting trashes must be taken by the customer to the trash collector at Seuratalo.

Final cleaning does not include cleaning of bigger messes such as food or liquid on the floor, carpets, furniture or anywhere else. Cleaning of these will be charged separately afterwards.

Final cleaning does not include cleaning of the sauna. Every customer must make sure that the sauna remains clean and without any trash after the turn.