Due to the type of their trade, and the responsibilities dictated in the Finnish law, Repovalkea Oy handles personal data in various occasions. 

Repovalkea Oy claims full responsibility on the booking services in the Repovesi national park. In this privacy policy statement we solely inform on the customer register and the data processing of Johku ecommerce system, managing the bookings in the Repovesi national park.

We reserve the right to modify the clauses in our privacy policies and thus this privacy policy statement. We recommend the get acquainted to this privacy policy statement regularly.

1. Customer register holder

Repovalkea Oy / Tervarumpu
Address: Niittymäentie 13
Tel. +358 400 718 248
E-mail: info@tervarumpu.fi

2. Person responsible for the customer register

Mr. Sami Hänninen
Repovalkea Oy / Tervarumpu
Tel. +358 400 718 248
E-mail: sami@tervarumpu.fi

3. Customer register name

The Verla Cottages webshop customer register

(FI: Verlan mökkien verkkokaupan asiakasrekisteri)

4. General legal principle and the personal data collection / customer register justification:

According to the European Union general data protection regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the juicidal right to handle personal data is an agreement, which comes to be, when a customer orders services and/or products in the Verla Cottages webshop. The intent of the registry is to ensure the commerce taking place in the webshop, such as brokering order information, billing information, payment verification or data handling information between Repovalkea Oy and the customer. Additional, the register is being upheld to enable customer contacts and customer relations, and to enable electronic marketing communication in such cases where the customer has allowed this. Verla Cottages doesn’t save or keep in the register any data connected to other merchants’ services or products. The collected data will not be applied to any automatized decision-making. The data may be used in customer profiling.

5. Register data content

Family name, first name
Postal code
Telephone number
E-mail address
Social number (private billing customers)
Source page of the purchase

Additional data (company data content):

Company name

Business ID
Einvoicing address
Billing broker ID
Reference number

Additionally, customer will be given the choice to concede additional information via a webform.

The data will be storaged for as long as the customer and Repovalkea Oy have a mutual, valid agreement. The data may be storaged longer whereas necessary in accordance to the law in such areas as book-keeping, retailing and consumer trade responsibilities.

6. Regular data sources

The data will be collected via electronic forms in the Johku ecommerce system. The customers fill in the forms when ordering services/products Tervarumpu Johku ecommerce system.

7. Regular data handover outside EU / EEA

The data will be handed over to Verla Mill Museum, who is the owner of the properties brokered in the Johku ecommerce system. The data will be handed over for customer service and for statistics. Otherwise the data resides by the register holder. The data may be technically handled outside EU / EEA.

8. Register data protection

The data will be handled with utmost meticulousness and will be protected accordingly. The data will be held on web servers, which are maintained and protected accordingly. The register holder ensures, that all personal data and access rights will be handled confidentially and only by legitimate staff members.

Electronically saved data: The register is located on the Johku server and the data manager is Actual Commerce Oy. The full register can only be accessed by the register holder and the technical staff at Actual Commerce Oy. Read more about the Johku data protection policies: johku.fi/fi/tietosuoja

Manual data: In principle the data shall not be printed as manual data. Should the data be printed, the data will be held in secured premises and only the register holder holds accessing rights. 

9. Verification rights

All persons listed in the register have a right to verify their saved data and correct any misinformation. This right has been automated by the Johku service, maintained by Repovalkea Oy, in the following means:

The Johku service communicates to the customer through My Johku application whenever his/her personal data is being handled. The service sends an automated message, as well as a link, to the My Johku where the customer may verify the data saved. The application also features a data transfer function. The My Johku service can be accessed throughout: johku.com/customer.

The My Johku service also hosts the contract termination feature, including the removal of the data. Should the customer terminate her/his contract with My Johku, all automated features and applications will cease. After the contract termination the customer must manage her/his own data (verification, correction, dismissal, limiting, data transfer) through written communication with Repovalkea Oy. Repovalkea Oy has the responsibility to answer the written communication within one month, as is being determined in the European Union general data protection regulation (GDPR). Repovalkea Oy holds the right for identity control.

The My Johku service is complimentary.

10. Other personal data rights

The customer, whose data is being held in the register, has the right to ask for the removal of her/his data, as well as other rights as determined in the European Union general data protection regulation (GDPR).

It is noteworthy that the Verla Cottages customer register data is being created, when a customer purchases/reservates a service/products. Thus Repovalkea Oy is also bound by the Finnish book-keeping and tax legislation to store and conserve the data.

All demands must always be presented to the register holder in written form. The register holder holds the right for an identity verification. The register holder must reply to the written demand within one month, as has been determined in the European Union general data protection regulation (GDPR).

11. Cookies

This website uses cookies: the website sends the visitors browser a file, which is being saved on the computer hard disk. There are two kinds of cookies being used: the temporary cookies close themselves, when the browser is being closed. The permanent cookies save themselves on the hard disk.

The purpose of a cookie is to upgrade the website user experience. The cookies also manage the login to the site. The cookies enable the data collection of the browsing data and enhance the serviceability. Web browsers are customized to accept cookies automatically, but the feature can be removed in the browser settings, thereby removing also some features on the website.

The marketing cookies can be used to optimize the marketing experience for the customer. Some third party operators, including Google, may use cookies or pixel tracker image files, to enhance the marketing experience.

The data collected by cookies and trackers don’t contain personal data, and the browsing actions can not be traced back to a person.

Updated: 1.1.2020