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€0.00 / 1 h 30 min

The Hirsniemi sauna is located in Hirsniemi and it serves only those staying in Hirsniemi cabins.

Sauna type, yard and beach

The Hirsniemi sauna includes a dressing room, a washroom and a steam room. The sauna has a wood-burning stove.

The sauna has its own beach with a fair-sized wharf.


Hirsniemi Sauna and its four associated cabins are located about half a kilometre from the mill museum, on a quiet peninsula. The sauna is accessible by car.

The sauna is on the same side with the mill museum.

Booking and use of the sauna

The Hirsniemi sauna is for accommodation only and can only be booked online. The process starts by clicking on the Book button below the picture. Select the date and time. Then click the book button again and the booking will go to your shopping cart. By repeating the process, you can add more days. If you are staying at Hirsniemi for more than one day, make a reservation for each day stayed at the cabins.

The sauna can be booked between 16.00 and 24.00 and there is one (1) sauna shift per each day stayed at the cabin, shift is 1.5 hours long. A sauna shift is always booked in advance through the reservation system.

Heating the Sauna

The sauna is always heated by the guests themselves. Please check the situation in the sauna about one hour before the start of your shift. If there is no movement and the sauna is cold, you can start heating the sauna. The heater heats up to sauna temperature in about 45 minutes. If there is movement in the sauna, do not disturb the sauna users and only arrive when your turn starts.

When you leave the sauna, add a few more billets of firewood to the heater. This will ensure that the next user has the heater hot or, if you are the last user, the sauna will dry properly after use.

Sauna booking status

Cleanliness, cleaning and trash

The user is responsible for the cleanliness of the sauna, its grounds and the services connected to it. The sauna must be thoroughly cleaned after the shift so that the next person who arrives to sauna finds it comfortable to come in. No trash may be left in the sauna. If the sauna is left uncleaned and reported by the next occupant, the previous occupant will be charged the alarm cleaning fee.


Pets are not allowed in the sauna.

Terms and conditions

The person booking the sauna is fully responsible for the entire sauna, including his/her friends. Please read the terms and conditions before booking.