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We recycle ate Verla

Don't drown Verla into mixed waste, recycle. Together, let's minimise our footprint. There are two sorting stations in Verla for customers.


  • Bio-waste
    Biowaste is delivered to a biogas plant, where it is used to produce biogas and fertiliser for soil improvement.
  • Plastic packaging
    Plastic packaging is processed into raw material for the manufacture of new plastic products.
  • Cardboard
    Cardboard is reused as a raw material for paper and board products.
  • Metal
    Metal is reused.
  • Glass packaging
    Glass packaging is made into new glass packaging.
  • Paper
    Paper is reused as a raw material for paper.
  • Final waste
    The final waste is taken to a energy plant owned by Kotka Energia, where it is used to produce energy.

Sorting instructions

Download .


Locations of the sorting points

There are two sorting points, located as centrally as possible in relation to visitors:

  • Factory Museum area
  • Verla clubhouse

Download theVerla outdoor recreation and area map (PDF)