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Sauna and beach

Verla Sauna 1 is a fair-sized Finnish sauna. The sauna has a dressing room, a bathroom with showers and toilet and a steam room. The sauna has an electric heater.

The sauna also has its own beach with a wharf.


Verla sauna 1 is located on the eastern shore of Vähä-Kamponen, just below the rapids, about 100m from the power plant.

Booking and use of the sauna

Verla sauna 1 is only available for guests staying in cottages. The sauna can only be booked online. Select the date and time. Then click the book button again and the booking will go to your shopping cart.

The sauna can be booked between 16.30 and 22.30 and there is one (1) session per cottage day, lasting 1.5 hours.

Heating the sauna

You always heat the sauna yourself. Please check the situation in the sauna about one hour before the start of your shift. If there is no movement and the sauna is cold, you can start heating the sauna. The heater heats up the sauna to proper temperature in about 45 minutes. If there is movement in the sauna, do not disturb the sauna users and only arrive when your turn starts.

When you leave the sauna, add about an hour to the heater time. This will ensure that the next user will have the heater hot or, if you are the last user, the sauna will dry properly after use.

Sauna booking status

Cleanliness, final cleaning and rubbish

Cleaning the sauna is always the responsibility of the user. When you arrive at the sauna, check the cleanliness of the sauna. The floors must be swept and clean, the carpets must be dusted, there must be no wood waste or ashes around the stove, there must be no rubbish or abandoned textiles anywhere. If the previous person has not cleaned the sauna, take photos of the neglect and report the situation immediately to 0400 718 248 or e-mail info@verlanmokit.fi. This will prevent the sauna from becoming your responsibility.


Pets are not allowed in the sauna or washing facilities.


The person booking the sauna is fully responsible for the sauna as a whole, including his/her friends. Please read the terms and conditions before booking.