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Verla's Sauna 2: Morning Showers
€0.00 / 30 min


Sauna 2 is located on the shore of lake Vähä-Kamponen about 100 meters from Seuratalo (big yellowish building) towards south, between Raili-Kaarina Paju and VB 13 Pukkila.

Reserving morning showers

Morning shower turn is for customers. Morning shower have to be booked in advance through online reservation system. 

Morning shower is bookable every day between 6am and 10am. One 30 min turn per customer. You will receive a sms to your mobile phone before your reservation starts. The sms included the PIN that is valid during the reservation.

Heating the Sauna

Sauna is not allowed to be heated during the showers.

Cleanliness, cleaning and trash

User is responsible for the cleanliness of the sauna. When you arrive to the sauna, check it out. If you have anyting to point out, let us know right away (p. +358400718248 or info@vertlanmokit.fi). Remember to tidy up the place after the use. Do not leave anyting to tha sauna. 


Pets are strictly forbidden at saunas.


The customer is fully responsible of the sauna during the use. Have look at the terms before you reserve.