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Our aim is to make everything run as smoothly as possible. You as our guest have an important role to play in this.

On arrival

On arrival, the cottage/cabin is generally left behind by the previous visitor. Always check that everything is in order and that the premises are tidy. If the cottage/cabin is uncleaned, littered, equipment broken or otherwise used in an irregular manner, immediately send a service message as instructed. Also take photos of any irregularities. This will shift any liability away from the arriving guest and we will contact the previous occupant about the matter.

In the event of a failure to report a fault on arrival, the responsibility and the fault will be on the person whose booking is valid  and checked in. The argument "we left it in the same condition as when we arrived" does not apply. After arrival, the responsibility for the fault is only transferred if it is obvious that the customer with a valid reservation did not cause the fault by his/her actions.

On departure

When leaving the cottage/cabin, care must be taken to ensure that the destination remains in perfect condition. This requires the following:

  • make the beds
  • clean the carpets
  • vacuum or sweep the floors
  • wipe the floors with a damp mop
  • make sure all the furniture is in place
  • do a good job of washing up all the kitchen utensils you used
  • if you have borrowed equipment from another cottage/cabin, return it
  • sort your trach and take it to the recycling station
  • wipe surfaces with a damp cloth, if necessary wipe windows if there are traces.
  • check that the yard is in good order and that the equipment is in its designated place
  • If you have used firewood and it is in short supply, please send a maintenance message
  • return the key to the keybox
  • check out using the same link you used to check in.

Note! You should leave the cottage/cabin in better condition as when you arrived.

If something happens or occurs

We are flexible and, as a matter of principle, we will try to arrange everything for the benefit of our guest. Accidents happen. So we do not get upset about small things.

In the event of an accident, always contact us. We will see together how to solve the problem. Small things can usually be resolved very easily. And if something bigger happens and costs start to mount up, travel insurance can often help.

Never leave a claim unreported, as the cost of an unreported claim is many times higher for the person who caused it, and any flexibility is lost.